Walachei - Lachia

The Wallachia

Wallachia is one of the best known regions in the Czech Republic. It is a mountainous land in the south – east of Moravia. Lachia is located in the north – east of Moravia and it is difficult to tell the borders of these two regions.

To distinguish Wallachia and Lachia, various criteria are used, such as: music, traditions, dialect, environment, historical custom, popular architecture, etc. According to PhDr. Jaroslav Štika, a long-term head of the Wallachian Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, " Wallachia has never been officially defined, because it has never represented any administrative, political or ethnic entity." The same can be said about Lachia. These days, when defining borders of both regions, solidarity of the inhabitants plays the main part: Wallachia is where people consider themselves Wallachians and Lachia, where people think of themselves as Lachians. Despite such interpretation, except the core of the regions, we also recognise so-called frontier and temporary areas. Čeladná has been randomly connected to the both.

The Wallachian Kingdom

Wallachian Kingdom promotes the region of the Beskydy mountains and Wallachia home and abroad in an unconventioanal and amusing way. Thanks to that, the name of Wallachian land is known far away from the Czech Republic.

The Wallachian Kingdom was founded by Tomáš Harabiš, who got inspiration from his travelling throughout New Zealand, Scotland, Canada and Australia. On 29th July 1997, the charter of the Wallachian Kingdom was born. Later it was followed by a passport, that ensures its owner many advantages such as: he becomes a protégé of the Wallachian Kingdom, every Wallachian will help him if he has troubles, he can get various discounts by presenting the passport in certain restaurants, shops, hostels and other facilities. Also a flag of Wallachian Kindom was made. It consists of a hat and two Wallachian hatchets across three stripes: white as a sheep, green as a meadow and blue as a plum. Plums are main products for a popular "plum brandy" known as Slivovice. Since that, every year new and witty products have been invented for the visitors of Wallachia, e.g. maps, guide books, postcards, annual tourist badges, Adventure newspapers, promoting materials, also Wallachian "embassy" and "consulate", various unconventional games, competitions and adventurous gift packets. Wallachian Kingdom also has its own currency – metal coin "Jurovalšár" (covered in hay) and imigration programme for foreigners. Wallachian Royal University offers education on several faculties, whereas the most popular is the Faculty of Alcohol distilling and Slivovice science. In addition, Wallachian Kindom also has its own "air forces", "navy", pigeon mail, etc. To name all the activities concerning Wallachian Kingdom, we would need more time and space. Therefore we recommend to visit www.valasske-kralovstvi.cz where you not only find plenty of other extraordinary ideas but also a lot of serious information about Wallachia.

The Margraviate of Lachia

Margraviate of Lachia tries to actively involve tourists into discovering region, local traditions and culture. The main place of Margraviate of Lachia is town Čeladná, where it was founded in 2000.

The head of Margraviate of Lachia is "Margrave" Dr. Radim Uzel, native of near Ostrava city. On 20th August 2005 the Day of Independece of Margraviate of Lachia was  promulgated and programme for next few years was defined, called "By fertility to strenght and unity". On the same day, Madonna of fertility of the Beskydy mountains was sanctified and Zdeňa Viluš, so called "Brave", was officially proclaimed a king of Lachia (the real king' s name is Zdeněk Krulikovský who is a pedagogue, ethnographer, publicist, author of three books about Lachia and several theatre plays, e.g. Ondraš – Lord of Lysa mountain).

The prominent Lachians have been organised by an "Oak lodge". Margraviate of Lachia also has its own passports, maps and currency "Lachian rammer", that exists in three designs: gold, silver and bronze. Specially for Margraviate of Lachia a Lachian wine was produced, in accordance with an original Celtic recipe including buds from thirteen different trees and also a herbal liqueur based on sweet calamus was prepared. Prestige Margrave – Lachian ball is held regularly, so is the Lachian Championship (as well as World Championship at the same time)in an Lachian oak stick throw and last but not least the Lachian cultural festival connected with an election of a folk Miss and Little Miss. The criteria in this contest are the traditional dance, singing and parade in the traditional folk costume. You can find more and up-to-date information from Margraviate of Lachia on www.hotel-prosper.cz.

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A new square has been built in the centre of Čeladná, with tens of flats, shops and a hotel. The spa tradition from 1902 has been followed by the Beskydské rehabilitation centre together with the newly built Lara Wellness centre. Also due to the top golf courses with 36 holes, Čeladná belongs to the most visited places of the Northern Moravia. We believe that Čeladná captures your heart and you will happily come back or it will even become your new home.
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