Nature attractions

Nature attractions


The Natural monument Kněhyňská cave

The cave is situated in the southeast slope of the Kněhyně mountain in the Moravian - Silezian Beskydy mountains, abou 750 m below surface, in altitude 1045 – 1050 m. The entrance is placed in a ragged south hillslope descending by 30 – 35 ° about 50 m above the forest path.

A fissur cave, formed by tectonic forces, is the deepest of its kind in the West Carpathians (depth 57,5 m). The length of the passages within different levels is 280 m. The cave has three entries that are not joint by passages. It is also an important place where bats spend winter dormancy, a place where interesting species of spiders and other invertebrates can be found. To keep the unique microclimate and the bats safe, the entry to the cave is protected by bars. Another reason for that is that the spelean evolution has not finished yet and the rock mass is moving and the ceiling can cave in (e.g. the entry in the cave Cyrilka  got blocked by rocks in 1998).


The Apartment hotel Obora

It is an unique and rare project. It offers romantic view at the fallow deer park full of highbred and beautiful deer in a natural surroundings of mountain pasture. These days the herd of fallow deer counts over 20 pieces. The rearing of the young ones is successful and so the herd gets bigger.

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Sports facilities

Mobilní turistický
průvodce Čeladnou
A new square has been built in the centre of Čeladná, with tens of flats, shops and a hotel. The spa tradition from 1902 has been followed by the Beskydské rehabilitation centre together with the newly built Lara Wellness centre. Also due to the top golf courses with 36 holes, Čeladná belongs to the most visited places of the Northern Moravia. We believe that Čeladná captures your heart and you will happily come back or it will even become your new home.
Moravskoslezský kraj This project has been cofinanced from the sources of the Moravian - Silesian region.
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