Welcome to Čeladná,

a picturesque village placed in the very heart of the Beskydy mountains. You will find there a beautiful nature often untouched by a human, spectacular valley of the Čeladenka river, streams and small rivers full of clearly clean water, but also plenty of opportunities to spend active family holidays, a weekend for two or to have fun with friends.

Sports facilities

Mobilní turistický
průvodce Čeladnou
A new square has been built in the centre of Čeladná, with tens of flats, shops and a hotel. The spa tradition from 1902 has been followed by the Beskydské rehabilitation centre together with the newly built Lara Wellness centre. Also due to the top golf courses with 36 holes, Čeladná belongs to the most visited places of the Northern Moravia. We believe that Čeladná captures your heart and you will happily come back or it will even become your new home.
Moravskoslezský kraj This project has been cofinanced from the sources of the Moravian - Silesian region.
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